This is a poor and sweet harvest. He has been at Pima Animal Care Center for almost a year now and could definitely use a forever home. The PACC shelter staff made the following comments about this special guy.

Harvest is a cute dog who came to the shelter in the fall. Well, Autumn came and went, and Harvest is still waiting to find her at home forever before another Season.

Harvest has spent time in PACC’s decompression program for shy and fearful dogs, gained people’s trust and is now looking forward to continuing his journey forever with the support of a family. Here’s what some of his closest friends at the shelter said about him:

“Harvest is a decompression graduate who has come a long way. He is no longer afraid of touch and attaches easily and accepts to be caressed. He would greatly benefit from a home where he could relax and reach his full potential. He needs time to meet new people, but once he gets to know you, he relaxes. He is sweet and deliciously motivated, does not respond to other dogs and is very cute. The shelter takes its toll on most dogs, but once in his own home, he can continue to grow. He is very much loved by the decompression team and other volunteer.”

“Harvest is a very nice boy who has come so far since he joined PACC. He spent quite a bit of time in the decompression program for nervous and anxious dogs and has since graduated and continues to improve every day! He keeps four feet motionless on the floor when they enter the kennel to leave him on a leash and accepts a leash around his neck. He does a lot of cute Zooms while walking, but it’s good to know when he reaches the end of his leash. Harvest doesn’t necessarily ask for affection, but he’s come a long way and accepts it. He is so kind to his kennel mate, Gizmo – they run around and play like crazy in the yard, and they also enjoy each other’s company on walks.”

Harvest was tolerant and independent when he met other dogs in the playgroup. During a brief stay with a host family, Harvest was a quiet guest and got along well with the resident dog. Her adopted child said that he behaved very well and listened well. He has also been described as easy to understand and attentive – he just needs time to adapt and engage. In addition, the crop is cleaned at home without any reported pot accidents.

Harvest wants to find a quiet home outside the shelter where he can continue to build trust with the support of a patient family willing to give him the time and support he needs to do his best. He shares his kennel with a buddy and may want to have a confident friend who can show him the ropes in his new home if you have a resident dog. If not, you can always adopt Gizmo. Please ask her today!