A dog stolen from its owner more than two year ago is finally back home with its family.

The dog’s owner, River Woods, told the animal rescue center that it all started when someone he knew stole his dog Bobo and gave him away. He was looking for the new owner of the dog to pick him up, but he came empty-handed.

Months passed and finally a year passed. River began to lose hope that he would ever see his dog again. But two year after the dog was stolen, a friend sent River a photo of a dog at Del Norte County animal Control that looked exactly like Bobo.

Dogs of Del Norte County, a volunteer group working with animal control, said on Facebook that the dog arrived at the shelter in June 2022. He showed signs and was particularly suspicious of men.

In December of the same year, Dogs of Del Norte received a message from a man about 200 miles away claiming that it was his dog.

River explained: “It sounded like my dog, so I called and told them they had my dog. And they wanted proof, so I sent them some pictures of [Bobo] and let them know that he was an inferior canine. And if you looked, you would know that it was my dog.”

The dogs of Del Norte shared the news that, faced with Bobo’s hesitation towards the men, volunteer offered to drive Bobo the 200 miles to meet the river “in matter the reunion did not go well.”

Fortunately,” Bobo immediately met his person.”You can see their reunion in a nice video here.

It’s been about six months since Bobo moved back home with River, and they couldn’t be happier to be back together. River raised Bobo from the moment he was a young puppy.

He will be 8 year old on September 10, 2023. Despite their separation, River and Bobo are delighted to reunite so that they can enjoy Bobo’s golden year together.

“So far he has adapted well. He remember me and the kids and everybody, and he’s just enjoying his retirement, as I call it,” River said.