We all have obstacles that we have to face in life. Dogs also have these barrier, but this does not mean that they are not ready to break free from time to time.

When friends from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control saw what had happened to two stray dogs, they couldn’t help but share it. These stray animals, Brenda and Linda, arrived at the shelter together.

They wanted to give the newcomer some time for themselves before they could be together with the other dogs in the kennel. They were placed next to each other in separate kennels, but 4-year-old Brenda did not appreciate it.

Brenda couldn’t stand being away from her 7-year-old best friend Linda. The problem was that a kennel wall separated them.

In the original video, you can see Brenda jumping over the kennel wall to join her friend. This confused the staff of the staff, who arrived about an hour after and had no idea why these dogs were in the same kennel.

Unfortunately, this original video has been removed, but you can still clearly see the love between these two in other videos.

So Happy Together

The shelter released another video in which Brenda jumped over the wall and said that the two now share a larger kennel. They also pointed out their differences, saying that Brenda was a “service dog” , but Linda simply existed with the other when they were in a group.

You can see them in this video posted by the shelter. The brown dog is Brenda and the white dog with brown spots is Linda.

Interestingly, Brenda and Linda were already connected to each other before they arrived at the shelter. The woman who took the dogs and guarded them over the weekend while the shelter was closed, Vada Karlen, shared photos of the dog cuddling.

These two dogs attracted a lot of attention, so the shelter decided to release an update. The TikTok video, which contains the song “Happy Together”, shows the original video of Brenda jumping against the wall and the two leaving the kennel together, on the way to an eternal home.