Who does not love a good, strange couple story about mismatched animals, most of us could never have imagined becoming best friends. After all, everyone needs a superior bud, why shouldn’t animals do this, regardless of their species designation?

BFFS unlikely Milkshake, the Duck, and Dumplin’, the mini cow, are here to show once again that it’s possible. The inseparable duo share a love of water and spend time together, but there is a “sweet love story” behind their friendship, according to Louisiana photographer and animal lover Bre Boyette, who notes that the furry/feathered besties are like “two peas in a pod”.and that you can not have without each other.

The mini cow moo and the duck are shared in USA Today’s Humankind online segment, which focuses on heartwarming and uplifting stories and hangs out and connects every day.

In the short video, we see the two enjoying the sun while quietly walking to a pond on the farm where they live. As the edge approaches, Dumplin stops for a small snack that stops the milkshake on its way. After some encouragement from the videographer and some subtle quacks from the milkshake, the two friends finish the short hike to the water and calm down.

For Milkshake’s part, he just hover around Dumplin in a circle, as if keeping his precious. However, what is so enchanting is the fact that the milkshake would not take another step or dip a webbed in the pond until Dumplin’ went primerly. Perhaps he was afraid that the adorably fluffy cow would change his mind and leave, or he would lose sight of the dumpling and break up.

In any matter, the interaction between the two best girlfriends in the 59-second video below is a must-have to bring a touch of joy and joy into your day.