While cats tend to look for and cozy places in the house, although they can overheat in the summer. Sometimes you can find them curled up in cool sinks and taking a nap in the dark. Or you can spread them on tiled floor, trying to absorb some of the coldness of ceramics. If you have a putty tattoo that smells like heat, we have some low-cost to free ideas that you can try this summer.

Cat Bursts

This primerly one is a variant of doggy pops, just for cats. To do this, take a can of tuna or your favorite chopped wet food and spread it on ice cube trays before placing it in the freezer. You can also use salmon, mackerel, sardine or other fish-based wet food for your cats.

Although we generally do not recommend brands, the Pure Cravings brand is the only seafood-based cat food that we know is 100% mercury-tested, if you are currently worried about the mercury content of seafood, the only one that is at peril for cats to develop mercury virusing and related kidney problems.

Their chopped tuna line has a tuna base with red meat and one of five different additional protein fillings: tuna loin, salmon, mackerel, sardine and chicken. They also note that 10% of their proceeds are donated to animals in need.

Cellar and pets

If you have a basement, keep the door open in the summer so that overheated pets can come down and relax until the heat of the day is over. In your basement, it is usually a few degrees lower than on the upper floor, and if you leave the door open, this fresh air will also be directed to the ground floor — or to the primerly floor, if you prefer.

Bathrooms & Animals

As mentioned earlier, cats can often take a nap in sinks, but they can also crawl into tiled bathtubs or walk-in shower to take a break from the temperatures if they don’t have a basement. With this in mind, leave the door open so that you can enter.


Small portable fans or even box fans that you can put on the floor are another way to keep your pets cool this summer. Place them in places that you know have a tendency to relax or go out.

Another idea is to keep the room dark to avoid a rise in temperature. They have excellent energy-efficient curtains today, which are thermally insulated to keep rooms darker and cooler, which also helps to reduce utility bills.

Frozen licki mats for cats

Licki rugs are very popular with many pets, especially curious species and treat pigs. We add a link for some readable recipes that you can use in conjunction with them, as well as for other ideas that you may not have thought of.

You can also add ice cubes to the water bowl or fountain. Remember, if it is too hot for you, it is very likely that it will be too hot for your pets.