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Lilly is a little we met on the 25th She had wandered through our garden and we have been taking care of her ever since. She was thin, scared. She was so weak and underweight that you couldn’t even castrate her, because anesthesia would have killed her.

And then it became known that she was pregnant. She showed no signs at all. She was still so thin, so light. On the night of March 1-2, she began to give birth.

It was long, complicated. I stayed by his side all night to help him and was surprise. She did not give birth to two or three puppies. She gave birth to eight of them. This little 4-kilo dog had pushed eight babies out of himself. She almost finish because a captive puppy was born dead.

The following days were terrible. She could neither eat nor drink. She was exhausted. She barely produced milk. Three puppies finish. Lilly had to go to the vet every day to get infusions to stay alive. In order to give him as little work as possible, we bottle-fed the remaining puppies.

And Lilly fought and fought for survival. We after learned that she was actually abandoned. Which means that this poor, ridiculously little, who would not do any harm to a fly, was alone during her pregnancy. Had to survive bigger and stronger car, jackals, other stray dogs. I had to find food, which was almost impossible at this time of year. I had to stay safe, and we had snow that got higher than him and terrible rainstorms. And she pushed through that. Also? Lilly is only two year old, and she has already been through so much and has never been able to lead a really happy dog life.

However, everything is slowly beginning to improve. Puppies are weaned. Lilly will soon be castrated. She is very confused, still hesitant, but she is gaining confidence every day. She is learning to play and sit. She also got her primerly chew toy. And she enjoys every part of her new life.

I think she is an example of bravery and warrior spirit. Most little dogs would not have survived what she went through. But she did. She earns a lot more than she had to cope with, and I’m trying to give her the most normal and comfortable life she can have.

This story was submitted by Emilia Dojcinovic in support of 2000 sterilizations and sterilizations. To read more stories from the pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest.