You don’t need to travel outside the United States to find a marsupial. We already have one: The Possum. Often slandered and misunderstood, these living beings are indeed very useful… besides being cute, how does it feel to carry your babies in your bag and “play Possum” or pretend they’re dead when they’re stressed? (Who can’t understand?!) Here are some benefits that Possums bring to our gardens, yards and even to our health!

They will help your garden and serve as pest control

Just like the unfairly bat, Possums are perfect for your garden! They eat slugs, snails, insects, rats and mice that can disturb what they have planted. They also find rotten fruits irresistible and eat any piece that has fallen from a tree or bush, which reduces the chances of earwigs and fruit flies. To add a touch of cuteness to this: they will clean up after eating, a bit like a domestic cat.

They kill and-ticks and many of them

Ticks are a problem whenever they venture into tall grass or around fallen leaves. Your bites carry health perils, so you will definitely want to avoid them. Possums can help you with this with gold or a paw. Ticks are another thing that Possums can eliminate. Due to their extraordinary care abilities, they kill about 95% of ticks that try to feed on them.

They can help reduce our peril of certain ailments

Due to their ability to eradicate ticks, possums help reduce our peril of Lyme ailment, which is transmitted through tick bites. Although their defensive whistling may make some people think that they have rabies, they are also rarely infected with it. This may be due to their lower body temperature, which makes it difficult for the Virus to survive.

They are immune to many venomous snakes and could contain secrets to action the venom

In addition to their relative resistance to rabies, possums have another interesting resistance: to many types of snake venom. As a result, they can eat copperheads and rattlesnakes. This will help in two ways: to reduce our peril of experienceing them in our environment and perhaps to help scientists superior understand how to counteract the virus.

They keep the place clean

As already mentioned, Possums eat fruits that have fallen from trees and bushes. However, this is not the only cleaning service they offer. They will eat just about anything, including garbage and carrion. They often catch road fatalities, which, unfortunately, often leads them to become road fatalities themselves. Their ability to eat so much comes from a powerful digestive system that can even digest animal bones. All these snacks keep the urban environment healthier.

They do all these things under the cover of night

Like many other benefactor, Possums do their work in secret, mainly under the cover of night. They are nocturnal and therefore mainly active when it is dark, although sometimes you can see them during the day. They are also loner who usually travel alone, unless you are a mother with your little ones and quite reclusive. Maybe that’s why you don’t get the thanks you deserve for all your hard work.